Lyle Stein, President of Forvest Global Wealth Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the market's reaction to the Fed's rate hike. He says the main question now is where interest rates will settle eventually. He adds that it is much harder to cut inflation from 9 percent to 3 percent than cutting fed funds by 1%.

Source: BNN Bloomberg

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President, Forvest Canada

Lyle Stein

Mr. Stein is a Bay Street veteran of over three decades. He has been a top-rated sell-side analyst, an award-winning mutual fund manager, an entrepreneur, a CEO, and a director of both public and private companies. He brings the wisdom and experience those gathered over those various positions to each of the private client portfolios he manages. Mr. Stein is a CFA charter holder and has degrees in Economics from the University of Wisconsin (BS) and University of Toronto (MA).

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